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4 years
Since we opened
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Events organized
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Club has already united 850+ entrepreneurs
Your future friends, partners, business projects, mentors, contractors, clients are here
Received 1 000 000 pounds of investment in his business
Allan Saud met Emil in Young Business Club. Emil introduced Allan to a person who then invested GBP 1 000 000 into the Allan's third leisure park. On the 17th of May 2019 the "Mighty Adventures" chidlren's park was opened near London
Yury found 2 friends with whom he completed Ironman in Argentina
On a Peer to Peer meeting, Yuri Kruchin met Alexey Gerasimov and Andrey Kisil. They had a common goal — to become Ironman. They trained together, flew to Argentina and achieved the goal
Opened a restaurant in London
At one of the YBC events in London, Andrey Smal met another member Roman Tsuiba. They had a dream to open a restaurant. The dream came true when two friends and then partners opened a restaurant which is located at 1 Cassilis Rd, Millwall, London, E149LQ. After only 2 months of opening they had served more than 5000 clients and received first profit
"Get acquainted" meetings
During these monthly meetings you can expand your network by interesting, strong, like-minded people and find a business-partner
Duration of the meeting: 1,5 hours
Number of participants: 10-15
Number of meetings per month: 1
Key growth drivers of the Club
We created an opportunity to achieve your personal and business goals effectively
We have combined opportunities of networking with interesting and strong like-minded people and find a business-partner
Peer-2-Peer meetings
As a part of one of the closed P2P groups, in the settings of confidentiality and acceptance, you will find solutions to your tasks and problems from equally strong businessmen
Meeting duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: 12
Number of meetings per month: 1
Thematic meeting
Meeting on a specific topic. An invited speaker with an expert business background will cover a specific topic, share insights and his experience, which you can apply in solving your business problems
Meeting duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: 50
Number of meetings per month: 2
Grand meeting
The meeting of all club members in the format of live communication with speakers who are top businessmen and who share their success story, their own experience and answer to questions of club members
Meeting duration: 6 hours
Number of participants: 100+
Frequency: Once per 2 months
Business Manager
Your Club's personal assistant who will solve your request, organize your meetings, find a contact you need and ensure that you get the most from being a member of the club
Will maximize the value of your membership
Will assist you in your business tasks
Will process your requests related to the Club
Coming soon. Young Business Club digital platform:
Social Network for Club Members

Database of all club members with a personal profile

Keyword search

Ability to publish requests and offers to the feed

Club events calendar integrated with your calendar

Verified rating of contractors

Special offers and loyalty program of members

Notifications for all club news and events in one place


Sales club
Meeting-training with the leading sales experts in a format of a marathon with assignments and feedback
Duration of the meeting: 2 hours
Number of participants: 30 people
Number of meetings per month: 1

Club of business systematization
Invited expert with a real business shares knowledge of business management principles, insights and his experience
Duration of the meeting: 2 hours
Number of participants: 25 people
Meetings per month: 1

Family day
A gathering of members and their families for leisure time together which also allows to introduce our children to the idea of strong network, values of friendship and trust
Duration of the meeting: 5 hours
Number of participants: unlimited
Number of meetings per month: 1

YBC Women Club
A club for women - female members of the club and the wives or partners of the members, for communication and development on topics from family, health and personal growth to business and finance
Duration of the meeting: 1.5 hours
Number of participants: unlimited
Number of meetings per month: 4

YBC mobile application
An App where you can find information about each member of the YBC club, news about our clubs, calendar of events and much more
Number of participants in YBC App: 708
List of meetings per month in 5 YBC Clubs

Private chat
Closed chat for an effective communication of the Club's members, sharing of experience, organization of meetings, interaction on a variety of issues and a quick solution of any task
Average time to resolve a request — 9 minutes
Average number of requests per day — 23

Constantly growing members-only library with over 100 videos of Young Business Club meetings and experience of club members
Videos from 26 grand meetings and 80 videos from thematic meetings
3 training courses: on sales, on business systematization and service building in the company

Meeting YBC of USA
Meeting of YBC USA participants in New York with invited speakers from among the top American businessmen
Duration of the meeting: 2 hours
Number of participants: 100 people
Number of meetings per month: 1

YBC Invest Club meeting
This meeting is an opportunity to present your project to potential investors, as well as to learn about projects of other members and to invest
Duration of the meeting: 2 hours
Number of participants: 20 people
Number of meetings per month: 1


Check if Young Business Club is right for you
Every member goes through several stages to comply with the Young Business Club Code and member values
You are the owner of business which exists for more than 2 years
Annual turnover of your company is more than 100 000 pounds
You share club values: trust, support, development
Would you like to become a member?
Pass a business interview and use all opportunities of the club from a day one
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